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Patient Blood Management provides new tools to help improve patient outcomes. IFPBM empowers Clinicians with the latest practical information, research and recommendations.


What every one of us should know about Patient Blood Management. Why your blood is important, how to manage the Patient / Doctor relationship and what questions you should be asking.


A Patient Blood Management program brings many benefits to a healthcare system. IFPBM assists governments, hospitals and other institutions implement a successful program.


Australia, May 8th, 2017 (Audio Program)

In 2008, the Western Australia Department of Health changed the way they manage patient blood supplies. The results of that initiative are in - and it's good news! Both the overall experience for the patient, and the efficiency of blood transfusion was significantly improved.

Presenter: Dr Norman Swan

Guests: Dr Gary Geelhoed, Western Australia Department of Health; Dr Simon Towler, Fiona Stanley Hospital

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