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Dr. Elvira Bisbe

Dr. Elvira Bisbe


Institution: Hospital del Mar. Barcelona, Spain

Specialty: Anesthesiology

Academic Affiliations:

Brief Resume:

  • Consultant Senior of Anethesiology
  • Group of research in perioperative IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute)
  • President of Anemia Working Group España (www.awge.org).
  • Member of the Board of directors of Scientific committee member
  • Coordinator of “AULA AWGE". An online platform on Transfusion medicine and Anaemia treatment courses
  • Member of the Haemostasia and transfusional medicine section in the Spanish society of anesthesia (SEDAR)
  • Member of the panel for the elaboration of “Documento “Sevilla” de alternativas a la transfusión alogénica”
  • Coordinator of MAPBM project (Maturity Assessment Model for PBM)
  • Vice-president of the Medical association of Barcelona (CoMB)
  • More than 50 publications and 30 book chapters in perioperative anaemia of Patient Blood Management. Participation in 10 clinical assays in this topic (competitive research grants). She has given more than 100 invited lectures at national and international scientific meetings and 60 postgraduate courses in transfusion medicine and/or  perioperative anaemia.

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  • Barcelona, Spain

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